Organization Development

Sometimes, teams get on such a treadmill of maintaining daily operations or fighting fires that they lose the ability to function at the highest level. In ongoing organizations, symptoms can include lack of focus, dissension among team members, increasing workloads without corresponding successes, lack of clarity on roles and responsibilities, and unsatisfactory financial results. With start-up and early stage organizations, challenges include identifying the key areas to focus on, being able to clearly articulate the business concept, raising funds, and ensuring that there is a clear path to success.

Barton Consulting Services works with you and your team to identify common ground, pinpoint impediments to optimal functioning, and chart a path to success.

Specific services include:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Building
  • Retreat Facilitation
  • Meeting Facilitation


“Lee Gorman has been the ultimate guide in facilitating the strategic planning process for the University of Michigan’s Center for the Education of Women (CEW). After directing the process of helping us refine our mission and establish our vision, values, and strategic priorities, she has remained involved to direct the implementation of the plan and our achievement of expected outcomes. She’s reinforced the message of having action plans for all staff that align with the Center’s goals and very clear, achievable metrics of success–both at the individual and organizational levels.
When the day-to-day activities of the Center get in the way of seeing and remembering the big picture–our vision and roadmap for getting there–Lee keeps CEW on target for achieving set goals without mission creep, and she also reminds us to celebrate successes along the way.”
“Lee Gorman consulted with me on a complex organizational change project aimed at improving patient clinical outcomes at the University of Michigan Health System. After only a brief overview of the project, she was able to quickly and astutely pinpoint challenges and solutions. She clearly can adapt her vast skills in organizational change to any context. She gave me specific tools that were successful in bringing about positive, strength-based changes. She uniquely captures both the right big picture issues and the ground level steps needed for success.”
“My introduction of Lee Gorman was initiated through a Leadership Program where she was assigned as my mentor. My project was on revising my office’s staff retreat. I clearly remember our first meeting as I sat there trying awfully bad to explain my project, rambling and bumbling through the description in no understandable sequence showing clearly that I was confused and perplexed. But Lee proved to be a good listener and generous in sharing information and ideas. She quickly put structure, order and understanding to what I was trying to accomplish and helped me to work out a project plan. She was professional, knowledgeable and sensitive to my concerns. Lee explained how it was the underlying issues of presenting an ambitious idea to an already busy boss and overworked staff that were the real challenges of my project.
I left that first meeting with a better grasp of the challenges I had to face. When the time came that I had to present my project to the other Leadership Program participants, several members requested the information also. I felt confident that we will be able to create a staff retreat that incorporates my coworkers opinions as well as the objectives my boss wants for the retreat. I highly recommend Lee for her insight, foresight, creativity and communication in working on workplace challenges. I was fortunate to have Lee as my mentor.”