Strategic Planning

A strategic plan can be very useful, even necessary, for any organization. But what’s really important is the strategic planning process. It’s critical to clarify and articulate your assumptions, and understand your priorities in moving forward. And we help ensure that all the stakeholders are involved with the process, since any plan developed without the input and buy-in of the implementers is doomed to fail.

Barton Consulting Services helps you to step back from the day-to-day details and look at  the big picture, so that you can have a clear: 

  • MissionVision
  • Set of Goals & Objectives
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Implementation Plan 


“Lee Gorman brings a refreshing approach and genuine enthusiasm to her contributions as a strategic planning consultant for Michigan Radio. Starting with an objective situational and stakeholder analysis, Lee guides us to create a unified commitment to strategies that underscore our values and play to our organizational strengths. With her skills and experience in both private sector and non-profit organizations, Lee combines these perspectives into a successful plan fueled by purpose, focus, and passion. We are grateful for her essential leadership and insight.”