Lee Gorman is an insightful, results-oriented executive with over 25 years of diverse experience in strategic planning, product development, operations and leadership. She has particular expertise in guiding the leadership of organizations to understand and articulate their missions and visions, and then to develop specific goals and strategic priorities. She has demonstrated this proficiency in cleantech, health care, educational, automotive, and other for-profit and non-profit businesses. More about Lee Gorman


Mark Ritz is insightful, creative and results-oriented with an excellent combination of technical aptitude and business acumen. He has experience in strategic planning, product planning, marketing, new product development and corporate transactions in an international environment. Mark is a team-oriented leader, skilled at integrating market, financial and technical resources in pursuit of organic and external growth opportunities. In addition to providing entrepreneurial advice, he has participated directly in the management of start-ups and manages a portfolio of angel investments. More about Mark Ritz