Especially for Nonprofits

Strategy quiz for non-profit directors and board members:

  • Does your organization have a mission statement that is clear, concise, and specific to its work?
  • Is all the work of the organization tied to the mission?
  • Is there a shared vision for the future?
  • Have you outlined what needs to be accomplished to achieve that vision?
  • Do you have processes in place to ensure the organization stays focused and on track?
  • Are major decisions checked against mission and vision to assure consistency?
  • Are you confident in the ability of the organization to continue to raise the necessary funding to implement plans?
  • Does the board provide good governance, and plan for continuity?
  • Are the organization’s director and staff aligned with each other and with the board?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘no,’ your organization may be hampered in its efforts to compete for charitable contributions and grants. Furthermore, it may not be offering the optimal type and level of services to its clients. It may be a good time to re-energize your organization through a strategic assessment.

We can help you better position your organization for both current operations and sustainability through:

  • Development and articulation of mission statement
  • Development and articulation of vision
  • Establishment of strategic priorities and setting goals and objectives consistent with the vision
  • Documentation of the strategic plan and development of a tactical implementation plan consistent with the strategic plan
  • Performance of progress checks on plan implementation, including recommendations for mid-course adjustments
  • Management team building, and facilitating alignment between board, director, and staff
  • Facilitation of board and staff retreats, and other major meetings



“I am writing to offer my highest recommendation for Lee Gorman as a strategic planning consultant. I was involved in hiring Lee in the summer of 2010 to work as a consultant and facilitator for our neighborhood association as we were navigating some very challenging issues. Lee did an amazing job of providing the Board of our association with the direction we needed to develop guiding principles, a process and timeline that we all felt comfortable with. In addition, Lee is a highly skilled facilitator and helped us to manage three community “town hall” meetings made up of several disgruntled individuals. Her ability to keep people focused on the agenda, and to redirect as necessary were truly exemplary. This may seem trite; but, we never could have managed this process without her help!

As we receive feedback now from our 400+ member association, we have heard rave reviews about Lee and the Board has received kudos for having the insight to hire her.
Personally, I found Lee very easy to work with. She was quick to return calls and emails, she was always one step ahead of us, and she helped us stay focused on the important issues. I know I speak for every member of our Board when I say that we would hire Lee again in a heartbeat!”